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PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes for Houston Plumbing Projects


Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is one of the most widely used materials for plastic pipes. In the 1920s, scientist Waldo Semon experimented with synthetic rubber to produce what is known as PVC today. Polyvinyl chloride was used for many products, such as shoe heels, raincoats and more. After World War II, PVC's usage became widespread across the United States.

There are many benefits to using PVC pipes. The material is environmentally sound and used in many green building projects. It's easy to install and will last for a long time. PVC pipes withstand extreme weather and are cost-effective. Last but not least, PVC is acceptable under many codes. Whether you're replacing new plumbing or installing a water service line, choosing PVC piping is the way to go. We carry name-brand PVC pipes at Universal Plumbing Supply Co. in Houston.

Why choose PVC piping?

PVC pipes are used for a wide variety of projects, such as irrigation, water service lines, sewers, plumbing parts and even conduits. Since PVC is resistant to popular chemicals such as salts, oxidants, acids and bases, it's a great material to choose for industrial work. PVC is used above ground, underground, and even outdoors if it's covered in the correct water-based paint.

Because of its versatility, PVC pipes are a top-notch choice. PVC pipes withstand pressure and won't rust when exposed to moisture. They're the perfect pipes to choose for plumbing purposes. Since PVC won't corrode, it can last for many years. Due to the nature of its material, PVC pipes are easy to cut and repair.

If you're in Houston, Texas, and need new PVC pipes or a new sink faucet, come to Universal Plumbing Supply Co. We are a plumbing parts store that has a wide-selection of industrial parts, from sink faucets to water heaters. Stop in or give us a call to find out more!

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